Manage stress and anxiety, promote calm
and achieve integration in your life.
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For an individual to grow—whether it's as a leader, a professional, or simply as a person—both mind and body must be in sync. For an organization to achieve its goals, each individual must be able to work harmoniously with others.

This conscious pursuit of integration binds together everything Jennifer H.G. Connelly does, from Birkman consulting to development coaching, public speaking and professional retreat services.

With her own experience as a mindfulness practitioner in the workplace, plus her years of teaching and assisting others as a certified Samapatti yoga instructor and yoga therapist, Jennifer is uniquely qualified to share the benefits of mind-body integration with today's professionals.

Jennifer leads yoga programs such as Pathways to Peace, Yoga for Stress Management & Anxiety, Yoga Spa Workshop, Yoga and Work Life Integration, Yoga for the Workplace, Yoga for Pregnancy, Kids and Teens, and Chair Yoga for Seniors and Parkinson's Disease through her association with The Yoga Room in Crown Point, Indiana and NWI Parkinsons, Inc. She offers private, three-session yoga packages for individuals. Jennifer also leads virtual and in-person mindfulness sessions for teams and on an individual and monthly-session basis.

To listen to a guided practice on mindfulness, head to Jennifer’s SoundCloud album featuring her custom Mindfulness Minutes.

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When body and mind are consciously integrated, the benefits can be seen in one's professional and personal life. To bring the benefits of mindfulness practice to your organization, contact Jennifer today.