Jennifer H.G. Connelly
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Having spent more than fifteen years working in the world of marketing and public relations with a unique blend of corporate, public affairs and nonprofit management experience, Jennifer understands the business climate that today’s professionals face. Her experience directing events and leading outreach initiatives has brought her in contact with working men and women at every stage of their careers.

As Principal of her own consultancy and CEO of Triple W Forum, Jennifer is also keenly aware of the peaks and valleys that naturally occur in life—and the challenges of integrating one’s professional pursuits, personal goals and interpersonal relationships.

A lifelong learner and student of philosophy, she daily practices the words of Richard Bach—“We teach best what we most need to learn.” She shares her passion and practice as a leadership and mindfulness coach, public speaker, certified Samapatti yoga teacher trained in yoga, yoga therapy, mindfulness and meditation, and workshop leader, both in the US and internationally.

At the nexus of doing fulfilling work and living life to the fullest, you will find Jennifer H.G. Connelly.

Jennifer Connelly

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