Make your next career or life transition
a total transformation.
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Whether you need a guide, a guru, or just a trusted friend in your corner, Jennifer H.G. Connelly can help you discover the in-depth insights you need to realize your personal and professional goals.

She draws on her own mindfulness training and breadth of professional experience to provide a reliable sounding board to help you identify the next actions you need to take to make your aspirations a reality.

Jennifer's leadership coaching can serve as a natural outgrowth of your Birkman assessment, or she will work with you to develop an individualized plan that takes into account your available time and budget.

With training from Newfield Network and Tiara International, she offers applied services including resume writing assistance and feedback, LinkedIn profile development support and other practical steps you can take to move your career forward.

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To create a coaching plan that aligns with your personal goals, contact Jennifer and set up a call, Skype session or in-person meeting.